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After Photu you don't need to worry about reliable, flexible, and scalable of images. It helps to improve speed, increase engagement and save user's data.

Auto Image Resizing based on Device

For eg. Desktop : Image size can be of 960px, as we have big screen in case of desktop

For eg. Tablet : Image size can be of 500px, as we have mid screen in case of tablet

For eg. Mobile : Image size can be of 360px, as we have smal screen in case of mobile

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A.I based Image Quality Enhancement

Over Millions of image, we have trained tensorflow model. Which give best quality image, which delivers best experience to the users.

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High Quality Images with Best Compression

Best in class image compresses -> Mogi I/O A.I based image quality enhancement

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Real Time Image Resizing & Transformation

Deliver Responsive Images : Adapt images using height, width, crop, aspect ratio, and DPR transformations

Watermark and Text Overlays : Protect images or share more info with them

Perfect Thumbnails : Generate attention-grabbing thumbnails using content-aware smart cropping and face detection

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Improve Web Performance

Better Lighthouse & Page Speed Score : No more image related warnings & optimized cache policies

Compressed Images in Right Format : Smallest images based on device and Browser

Display Images under 100ms : Powered by AWS Cloudfont, Akimia and other Global CDNs

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Quick Integration

No need to move images

Direct By Domain name Replacement : 1. For example, your image are at
2. At Image Zone configure as pull zone
3. Over your website replace to
Your are live

Use our Wordpress SDK : Follow the instruction in SDK Guide

Use our Druple SDK : Follow the instruction in SDK Guide

Use our Megento SDK : Follow the instruction in SDK Guide

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+ Image CDN

TheSaaS is a place for any type of designers to share their works and give each other some love. You might also be able to get a job.

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Auto Best Format Selection based on Device

TheSaaS is a place for any type of designers to share their works and give each other some love. You might also be able to get a job.

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We waited until we could do it right. Then we did! Instead of creating a carbon copy.

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Happy Customers

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Bandwidth Cost Reduction

Earlier our CDN Bandwidth usage was 40 TB per month

By CTO, News Media Company

Better Customer Engagement

Before Photu, our customer converge rate was 8%.

By CMO, E-Commerce Company

Better SEO

Our google page rating improved, after we integrated Photu to our CMS

By Digital Marketing Manger, Media Company

Better Image Quality

Lot of our image are take by Nav Users, they don't care much about the quality of image. After Photu, our image quality improved

By CEO, Market Place

Better Monetization

Our customer time spend over our app and website increase by 20%, just by integrating Photu. Hence our ad revenue also increased.

By CFO, Media Company

Fast Integration

We always wanted a Image solution, but use to think. It will take lot of time to integrate one. We went live with Photu, in 2 days only.

By CTO, APP Company

Customer Support

I feel, they are added team or image specialists working with us. Whenever, we have a problem, they have a solution in 24 hour. Really love to work with them.

By SDE, Web Company

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